Yesterday was a full day. We worked on our project in the morning of converting an Internet cafe area into a useful learning classroom for adults to gain computer knowledge and a room for teaching computer repair. After that we had lunch then hurried over to do Bible story and craft with the kids. I was leading the kids program and I can not describe how amazing that experience was. God is so good. It is wonderful how he blesses us through the love that we show to others!


We enjoyed out special dinner on the town last night. We had a choice of chicken (with beets and potato, plantain, tomato and lettuce, some plates had avacado mine did not i had to borrow)

Or fish

Or goat

The chicken was good, Kelly even had them bring a glass of ice to the table just for me! What a treat I have not had any all week!


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Here are a few more pics I have gotten

The half and half goat by the church


The cutest baby chicks that live at the church


The HUGE lightning fast spider that was at the work sight. The local here laughed and laughed that everyone on the team was so scared of it. He said it was a little one! I think not!

A boy at the feeding program, and the dogs that are on clean up duty.


View from the hotel

All is well here. Days are hot and the sun is unforgiving. All of the people are really nice, and the kids love hugs! We are getting our projects done. Yea! Tomorrow I will do the kids bible story and craft time. That should be good fun.


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I almost forgot, this is for you Princess!


Love you!


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Good morning. Just a few pictures from our day yesterday.







This is the beach


I miss everyone. Gotta go to work!


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Day1: what a day. I crawled into bed dog tired and found I could not sleep with out a little debrief first so I just jotted down some thoughts about the sights on my way from Port-Au-Prince to jacmel .

Outside the doors you know it's another country. Hundreds of people standing behind a barricade, I don't know why. In the parking lot it became apparent that the driving rules are not like home. People do not wait for other cars to move they just squeeze within millimeters of space to go when and where they want. That's why it is Haitians and the like who drive cabs in the city.

1st pulling onto the road we saw a woman with a huge basket on her head selling cold soda bottles. Yes glass bottles. I can't imagine what that weighed. Followed by another with a bag on her head that was full of water bags. That is how drinking water comes here, in bags. There were taco sellers and fruit sellers, many along that road.

Then we started through port-au-prince. That is where the wreckage began. At first I noticed a man on a porch type area who was sewing. I thought 'how nice to do that outside' a few minutes later after notting a couple more outdoor sewers it hit me…. They HAD to be outside they live in a maybe '20×20 foot cement building with a similar one on each side (aka no windows on the side walls) and no electricity. That was not just for the day. I saw every day.

Then we drove through market areas. The roads were lined with people selling all sorts of things, fruits and veggies banana, papaya, plantain, lemon, lime, sugar cane and many melons. They looked Great! Other people were selling clothes and shoes I believe used items from donation boxes like we have all over town. We saw a few selling mattresses, we teased Beck because he had told us at 4:00 AM meet-up that he is over due a replacement. We saw furniture for sale new and used, and a surprising number of old tires for sale. Chickens and goats some had dead chickens feathers and all! All of this on the side of the road. We saw the huge bags of charcoals for sale this is the country's cooking and heating fuel a big commodity. We saw the men selling the coal they were sitting on the ground with small black hills of coal around them on the ground, the men as black as there goods covered in ash. We saw tent cities most tents just canvass draped to form makeshift walls. We saw people living in homes that were half fallen. I can't really tell more about living conditions, most of them made that dilapidated shed in our yard look like a rich mans cottage. I wish I exadurate there.

As we left the city we saw something strange. I say as if I can comprehend what I saw in the city. We would see little goats tied to a tree in the ditch on the side of the road. No one was around just a goat. A ways down another, sometimes a cow, once a horse.

Another surprise was there are no rules to driving. Nope none! Intersections are there as crosses Ys Vs and other crazy letters but the all important stop sign and stop light are non existent. The rule seems to be keep going your speed through intersection and hope no one else is occupying the space that you are at that time. Break peddle? What break peddle? Where we are going we don't need breaks! Or so it was! Oh that was the speed limit I mentioned earlier. Did you miss it? The speed you are going. That is how fast you go no matter what. Broken down car in front of you, honk while pulling around w/o slowing. Slow truck on zig zag mountain roads, honk while pulling around w/o slowing. People, bikes, or dogs in the was? Honk and hope they move.

The day was amazing! Thank you Lord for getting us safely to the hotel. Thank you for ease of travel and for taking away all of my fear. Help me to continue to look to you and not down at the water beneath my feet. That your plans will be my actions so I will remain carried in your grace. My job is to love here and serve here, help me to break my shell of shyness and selfconconcousness and just give to the kids the overflow of love and pure joy you have given to me. Please bless me with peaceful sleep so I can do your work tomorrow. Jesus name, amen


As I lie here in bed trying to recall and listening to the sounds outside I saw something large crawling on the overhang outside. As I began to worry I saw a second one move close by the first. To my great relief I was able to make out that they are lizards. How cool! I grabbed the camera and took a pic. But alas only the window screen showed up. I don't want to risk further disturbing Alex and opening the door, so I will home to see them tomorrow.


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Only hours to go

About 17 hours till I head out the door to start the journey. Joe made me an incredible breakfast this morning! An omelette with spinach, tomato, bacon and cheese.

Now that's a picture of LOVE!

He was inspired by the wonderful smell and had a sandwich with fried egg, bacon, cheese, and spinach, on garlic toast. Not Bad.

Ok so I may have to work on making beautiful food photos, but it sure hit the spot.


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Haiti countdown

Well it is 3 days until I am on my way to Haiti. My bags are mostly packed. My water container and sharkk 5in1 camera connection kit came today.

I am excited to play with my new toy.

I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures of the 1st beautiful girl I could find. Loading it up proved easy, all I had to do was pop the card out of my camera and insert it firmly into the card reader then put the reader into the power cord slot on the iPad. It took a couple of tries (and 1youtube video) then on the third try the screen popped up with the pictures from my card asking if I wanted to import them. I said yes and they instantly were on the iPad photo app in their own album granted there were only 3 pictures and the limited instructions that accompanied the device warned it could take a few minutes. Here is one of my test shots:


I can't wait to use it to share my adventures in Haiti!


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testing – take2

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Testing testing

I am testing out my knowledge of  blogging. preparing for my trip to Haiti. If successful, I can update while I am away.

Stay tuned…..

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Bronx Zoo 2012

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